Hell is a darkness aborting the light and declaring itself to be true. It is cold and it is numb to the touch, and unyielding with certitude. It is a devouring un-tempered by kindness or grace, and it is absolute.

Hell is the poverty of the slum in the City of Gold. It is the hunger and the plague in rapt unison with maligned might and counterfeit rights. It is born of puerile pride and nurtured on vanity and a choice not to understand. It is empathy murdered and sympathy derided, it is suffering unconsidered and a man unconcerned. 

It is a mother no longer taking care of her child.

Hell is a loneliness born of betrayal and fathered by distrust. It is a withdrawal of the light affected through sorrow and pain. It is a grief overcome by sadness and unshed tears. 

It is a wounded infant unfamiliar with because