Have You Ever Heard of Socialist Party USA?

Well, if you hadn’t – I wouldn’t be surprised.

Neither had I.

Apparently, there is a Socialist Party in The US of A. Click the link – you’ll find it. Contrary to all evidence to the contrary, there is such a thing.

Their current platform calls for

“an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, a 50% cut in military spending, the disbanding of NATO and other “aggressive military alliances,” the abolition of the CIA and the National Security Agency and an end to U.S. arms sales around the world. In addition to abolishing the Patriot Act and other anti-terrorist measures, the Socialists also want to end all U.S. military subsidies to Israel and fervently support self-determination for the Palestinian people.

Staunchly opposed to NAFTA, the IMF, the World Trade Organization and other corporate-sponsored “free trade” agreements, the party’s platform also includes planks advocating a single-payer health care program; a graduated income tax; full employment and the creation of a “Superfund for Workers” that would not only pay full wages and health care benefits for the unemployed, but would also provide necessary training if that worker lost his or her job as a result of “environmental transition, downsizing, corporate dismantlement, or capital flight.”

The Socialist agenda also favors a moratorium on new prison construction and calls for fairer ballot access laws and proportional representation at all levels of government.”

Unbelievable, eh? Yeah. Absolutely unbelievable.

After watching Bush & Kerry discussing the finer points of how to fuck a world during the debates – I was almost in tears reading this article on Counterpunch – talking about the Socalist Party’s candidate – Walt Brown.

Read more about this thing here.

And you know – it’s not like they’ll win.

At least not now…but there’s a point to this, certainly.

Isn’t there?

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    Well yes! And I voted for it from Cairo, Egypt. It had to be a write-in vote since they didn’t make it to the ballot. I think it got about 10,000 votes nationally. Now Americans only have themselves to blame. They re-elected Bush. yeshrabou ba2a..

    Abdel-Karim Mardini

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