There’s something wrong with the news, and I haven’t even been watching CNN lately, just the BBC, which – is, yes – marginally better.

But still…hell.

Alright – so this woman in Nigeria – apparently she’s getting stoned for adultery. The program, of course, introduces this as a barbaric concept and attaches this barbaric perception, by association, with Shar’ia Law, naturally attaching that to Islam.


Is·lam (s-läm, z-, släm, z-)


A monotheistic religion characterized by the acceptance of the doctrine of submission to God and to Jesus Christ.

The people or nations that practice Islam; the Muslim world.

The civilization developed by the Muslim world.


[Arabic ?islm, submission, from ?aslama, to surrender, resign oneself, from Syriac ?alem, to make peace, surrender, derived stem of lem, to be complete. See lm in Semitic Roots.]


The BBC correspondant, went on at length about the horror of the process, and discussed – not whether or not the woman was guilty. He was, in car-interview with a Nigerian Minister – gasping at amazement at how any justice system ever could do something as “extreme” to a criminal.

Well, I have news for the man from the BBC. It’s called, yes – please look it up – Capital Punishment.

It’s been discussed in the West.

The man that even the BBC now calls simply ‘the President’ – has himself condoned this. His home state is infamous for it.

I am shocked by the sheer sentimentalist naivette of the BBC correspondant ( I do not recall his name…a shame considering that some of the correspondants actually do good work… ). He felt a need to graphically illustrate the stoning, to further the notion of barbarism that he considered inherent.

“But to put a woman, half in the ground, ” he said, “and throw stones at her!”

Horrific ? Certainly.

But first of all – do not treat these people as though they do not understand that it is horrifc. Take your life-loving ‘every sperm is sacred’ left-liberal nazism and get the fuck out of town. You’re killing people at home too, and you know what? Your cameras don’t save a damn life. The price of that microphone in your hand could feed the starving child you’re shooting with an even more expensive camera.

Ghandi had a point, the man understood something you clearly do not – he stated simply that “Even God himself would not dare come to a starving people as anything other than food.” – bless the old hoot, for he was smack-on.

You want barbarism? What’s so civilized about an electric chair? A man, tied to a chair, wrapped in cables and wires, looking into the eyes of his executioner. Looking at his parents perhaps, his friends. As a switch is pulled somewhere, or a lethal injection shot into him. A switch that can fry his brain cells. Turn him for a second into a lightbulb – awe him with the light that is God? Is that what you think worse?

I am not an apologist, I am an accuser.

Physician, Heal Thyself.

It is this that is barbaric, you yell! It is this that is extreme, you cry! It is this that we cannot understand, you bitch.

And you bitch, and bitch and bitch.

Last word?

I’ve never, not once, heard the phrase “The Christian Terrorist” regarding any of the mass-shootings that have ever occured, not in McDonalds in the US, nor in American Malls. It’s happened. A man, with a gun, and far too much anger, and people who know nothing but the sudden flare of death. It’s happened to you, and not once was I told the religion of the murderer or the serial murderer.

Not once.

If there’s a shred of soul still left in you after the camera’s raped you away, think about that for a minute.

One Honest Minute.