I’m no big fan of Jimmy, and I’ve always had trouble with some of the formulations reached under his Camp David negotiations with the late Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat – who I’m also not a big fan of…

“Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” certainly didn’t get a second glance from me when I first heard of its release – after all – he is a former president and an old man with questionable political influence and, it seemed to me, a title featuring a word that has been etched into my head over years of viewing the Zionist offensive on Palestine and the Palestinians and thus comes as no surprise.

For years, anybody who’s paid the slightest bit of attention knows about the Palestinian crops destroyed, the Palestinian exports left to rot, the Palestinian homes pulverized by bulldozers provided by Caterpillar, the Palestinian roads blocked, the schools of Palestine shut down, the Palestinian money and land ransacked daily by foreign settlers arming their teenagers with machine guns and animosity, the Palestinian husbands kidnapped and detained without charge for years on end, the Palestinian children maimed and murdered by uniformed murderers.

We know about all that.

I didn’t give Carter’s book a second glance. Until, that is, the media machine decided to Get Him – and unlike the movie from which the title of this entry gets its name – this was no comedy.

You can read more about all this at CounterPunch – and you can follow up an interesting subplot regarding Amazon’s presentation of the book. Unlike most other books for which the Editorial Reviews section usually quotes a publisher’s blurb – Amazon (of which I am a regular client) ran a review by a Jeffrey Goldberg, who turns out to be, according to CounterPunch, a former member of the IDF – or as we like to call it – the Israeli Demolition Force.

In reaction to this a petition was put up demanding that Amazon clean up it’s act…

So far as I can see the only reaction so far has been the addition of a short interview with Carter right before the Jeffrey Goldberg review.

Not quite satisfying, however, it doesn’t seem to matter.

The more they complain, the more that word ‘Apartheid’ is going to be brought up in relation to the Zionist agenda.

The truth will out.