It’s good to experience some catharsis.

This week, as you all know, has been a bit of a rough ride for the United Nations.

Bush came out and gave us all a good few laughs, and then Ahmednejad and Chavez gave us all some much needed vocalization. What you may not have noticed is how the US media has been trying to skirt around the issues…

A simple example:

ABC News – unfortunately televised on MBC-4 (a Middle Eastern satelite channel which has recently taken to printing a disclaimer on all American News broadcasts in an attempt to purge themselves of responsibility for the crude lies they remain proxy to ) – has been juggling.

Before my very eyes, I saw the newscaster, whose name I didn’t catch ( I just checked, and it appears to have been Taina Hernandez ) – sit around with a United Nations correspondant. She asked the correspondant about the ongoing events at the UN General Assembly. The correspondant clearly explained, with some amusement, how Hugo Chavez had laid the smack on the US, and more specifically, on Bush.

She told us that, although there were some initial laughs as Chavez spoke of the smell of sulfer left on the podium in the wake of Bush’s speech, the audience applauded him quite dramatically. In fact, she stated that Chavez had so far been the single most applauded speaker.

Read that last line again.

Got it?

Alright. Good. Now…

FIVE minutes later, if not less, the same newscaster who had been speaking with the correspondant ‘summarized the news’ – and by a sheer act of media magicks the news had changed during those five minutes. Now, we were told that Chavez had delivered a speech at the UN for which he drew, and trust me, I quote, “scattered applause”.


Now read that again, and if you can, please excuse me for suspecting that some readers might have the memory span that ABC News thinks they have – but…

How the hell did ‘strongest applause’ during which “the diplomats and assembled presidents began to applaud him as if they were attending the theater” as described in the Russian Kommersant turn into ‘scattered applause’?

Quite a trick, no?

They’re working us and they’re most certainly working you.

Figure it out.

Use some common sense, and let empathy be your guide.