English Translation of El-Sisi’s Alleged Leak

Yesterday, this video came out on YouTube, posted by the now mostly defunct Freedom & Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s supposedly a leaked (and unused) portion of an interview previously conducted with Minister of Defense Abdel Fattah El Sisi. It’s been making the rounds for two reasons; first it appears, that like the MB members at Rabaa, he puts quite a bit of stock in ‘dream visions’ and the other is that it appears to show that he does, indeed, have presidential ambitions.

Here is a transcript of the video, translated into English:

Interviewer: Had you expected to take on the leadership of the Egyptian Army?
El-Sisi: The leadership of the Egyptian army, or something greater than that?
Interviewer: Fullstop.
El-Sisi: I am of the people who’ve had a long history of visions. This is only for you.
Interviewer: Okay, I’ll listen, I’ll only write later.
El-Sisi: 35 years ago…well, I’ve stopped talking about visions 7 or 8 years ago, from 2006.
Interviewer: I understand this part…
El-Sisi: I stopped talking about these things. I said I wouldn’t talk about it again. But I’ve always had visions…
Interviewer: You see yourself on the throne of Egypt?
El-Sisi: No, that’s not it. I’ve seen a lot of things…
Interviewer: That happened?
El-Sisi: That happened afterwards…nobody could explain it. For 35 years, nobody could explain it.
Interviewer: Like what?
El-Sisi: But this won’t be said.
Interviewer: Not in this interview, but whenever God wishes.
El-Sisi: For example, many years ago, I saw in a dream, that I was raising a sword, on which was written “No God but God” in red…this was 35 years ago…
Interviewer: “No God but God” colored red…?
El-Sisi: In red, yes – on the sword, raised like this. Another in which I had on my wrist, a watch, with a very big green star on it…and Omega, and people are asking “Why you? Why do you have this watch?” and I said this watch is named for me, it’s an Omega, and I’m Abdel Fattah, so I put the Omega, with…the global nature, with Abdel Fattah. Not me, the dream, that’s just an example. In another dream, I was told I would be given what nobody else had been given…
Interviewer: Who?
El-Sisi: In the dream, we’ll give you what nobody else had been given. In another dream, I was with Sadat, and I was talking to him, and he told me “I knew that I would be the president of the republic”, and I said to him “I also know that I’m going to be the president of the republic.”
Interviewer: What do you feel when you see your pictures raised next to pictures of Abdel Nasser, and when Abdel Hakeem said you are an extension of the leader, and that you are the most capable of leading the country?
El-Sisi: There’s a prayer I always say, that I could be that.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Either the MB have somebody who does El-Sisi’s voice incredibly well, or we’ve got a defense minister with very colorful dreams, and a latent desire to be president. One can only hope that this is a fake.


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  1. Avatar

    Mina Demian

    if it’s posted by the FJP, shouldn’t we immediately assume first that it’s a fake?

  2. Avatar

    Dr. Hisham ELBanhawy

    it’s not fake,{the taw7eed words in red on the sword} the dream translation book reveals that the meaning of this dream is that he is Fighting Islam and Killing Innocent Muslims (People that do not agree with his wrong doings) also the Omega is the last letter in the alphabet, which refers to his place in Hell (The bottom pits of Hell) That is according to the Tafseer book.

    • Avatar

      Sally Wilton

      I am not Egyptian but even I can recognise it is his voice. Its unmistakable. Additionally it has not been denied. If this is true, his is not a balanced person. That is just great because he will get elected and then the disappointment will kick in, then another massive revolution followed by the dismantling of this disgusting military as they are with their fingers in every part of the economy. I hope insha allah

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    It may or may not be a fake, although admittedly, it would be a very good one. As for Dr. Hisham’s exegesis of it, I find it quite ridiculous, since I very much doubt there is a ‘Tafseer’ book tailored to El-Sisi. It’s far more likely, that for El-Sisi, he would be fighting FOR Islam, and Omega has nothing to do with Hell. It refers to the end, or the end-times, like he ‘ties’ the beginning and the end. I very much doubt there’s an official ‘interpretation’ – and would happily scoff at even the notion of one, however, if an official one placed Sisi in HELL, I doubt he’d be bragging about it to a journalist, real or not 😉

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