Here are some completely biased articles, written by what must be a whole gaggle of Coptic Mubarak-Era Nazi’s, that attempt to explain and justify the incredibly complicated situation in Egypt, otherwise known to the layman as Egypt’s Military Coup.


Murder on the Democracy Express – By Clifford D. May, President of, of all things, The Foundation for Defense of Democracies. In which he describes President Morsi as, essentially, democracidal.

Here is a post written by some guy called Ian, Ian is a friend – and he had this to write:

It’s an interesting post, and he makes a few good points, certainly, but, of course, he discredits himself absolutely by daring to utter what some of us only refer to as the ‘f’ bomb. Also, he is wrong about everything, I don’t know why exactly, but he is wrong.

If you’re at all curious about the Democratic Pro-Morsi supporters who are bravely fighting for democracy against the barbarous Egyptian hordes of over 20-30 million Islamophobic Coptic Women, if you’re at all curious about how these noble defenders of freedom are going through their day, you might want to read this post, detailing the Pro-Morsi (refered to as the Pro-Democracy) protesters and their sit-in.

I’m sorry, sometimes in my zealousness, I exaggerate things. I notice that in the paragraph above, I implied that only Coptic Women protested against democracy. That’s not true, confirmed reports indicate that there were also some men, but they were all either homosexuals or thugs.

Here is an article, that I myself had written a few days ago. Everything in it is both false and worthless, and I link to it only to show you that the Anti-Democracy protesters have powerful weapons at their disposal. The fact that I, a staunch supporter of both President Morsi and democracy could have written such a thing is proof positive that our enemy is being assisted by the Americans, who have given them powerful mind control technology. If they can brainwash me, a man of faith and intellect, just imagine what they could do to the mob-like masses on the Egyptian streets.

Fuck Western Media: Egypt is a Platypus

See? I mean, who the f*** uses the word fuck in a title?

Here is a blog post, written by a westerner, who it is clear, must regularly consort with criminals, because she describes in detail how she went to Tahrir Square (we tried telling you Tahrir was full of foreign infidels), and rather than be disgusted at the barbarous display of Anti-Democratic, Anti-Islamic sentiment, she was, it seems, moved. Such is the power of their secular spell.

Egypt: A Declaration of Independence

The NY Times understood what’s going on, they noticed that all the problems that had, ostensibly, led some Egyptians to think that Morsi might not have been as effective as he could have been in improving conditions were, in fact, part of the conspiracy that the Shia’a minority in Egypt had devised to destroy him. You can read that account here.

Or here.

Please note that the first link is in idiot, the second is in English.

Those who defend the Anti-Democracy protesters, you will find, all squarely fall into a clear camp, it is no coincidence, you’ll see, that the next article belongs to a clearly Satanic website called “The Daily Beast”! This is how they serve their diabolical master!

Egypt’s Declaration of Independence: Not So Different From Ours.

As though it needed any further proof, you’ll notice that the title of this article is suspiciously similar to the one linked earlier by the crime-friendly western spy. Coincidence?!!!

Morsi is a good man, and anybody who hates him does so because he is a Muslim, and they are afraid of Islam. They are afraid of Morsi and call him a dictator, but he is not. He is a good man who only wanted what is best for the Islamic Umma, and Egypt.

I mean, I could argue forever, but like they say, a picture (despite being an unholy depiction which we do not use unless for the sake of winning elections so we would finally be able to ban them) – is worth a thousand words.

So, finally – I ask you to be fair – and ask yourselves –

Do dictators dance 🙂 ?


I rest my case.



Disclaimer: This post is a parody, although the links therein are not. If this confused you, please don’t turn your confusion on me. Idiots will be executed on sight. No attempt at balance was made in this article, nor is one felt necessary since TIME, The New York Times, Al-Jazeera, CNN, NBC, and BBC News have all been reporting the other side of things. I’m @OmarKamel on Twitter, and my most recent assemlage of thoughts on the current situation is a post called “The Crisis of Mind & Morality in Egypt“, but it is long, tedious, and not very funny, and I doubt you’ll have the time to read it.