Cultural Dialogue, My Ass…

Alright, for those not in the know, I live in Egypt. It is currently the month of Ramadan. All over what can be called Arabia, there are, among others, sincere people who are trying to use this time to get closer to the roots of their religion.

Family gatherings are more common, and there is, at least, an attempt at piety.

Showtime Arabia – or Big Ass Imported TV, has a modified logo – with a ‘Ramadan Karim‘ text attached to it. Showtime are interested in portraying, apparently, an appearance of mutability, and of cultural respect.


How does that explain that, on Showtime, as I type out these words – at a time of night which in Ramadan approaches that of So7our. The last meal before the day before, the time of the intention of fasting – there are two naked lesbians on my TV screen?

I mean, where’s the logic in that?

Let’s be clear. I am not built of the strongest religious fibre. I have no issue with nudity, and welcome it fairly well most of the time. However, I am particularly prone to cultural breaches, and arrogant hypocrisy.

So, to re-phrase:

What the FUCK do Showtime fucking Arabia think they’re doing? One second they have a Ramadan Karim Modified Logo on their channel, and the next I’m watching a nudist-fuck-fest? Whose Ramadan, exactly, are they observing? This particular vision of Ramadan, this particular juxtaposition of taste, this feeble notion of complimentarity, is an oxymoronic insult.

I can, at worst, extrapolate paranoid scenarios; Showtime Arabia knows damn well what it’s doing. They present the modified logos and the Arabic programming (‘Secrets of Arab Stars’, interviews, etc…) to entice viewers to watch, and then, when they’ve got the family, along with children in front of the damn set, then – later, during So7our – while people are digesting, they slip in their cultural junk. If not for the intent of pollution the Arabian mindset, then at the very least, to make it more prone to this species of junk.

At best, I can imagine an intention that deludes itself into thinking it is good. There is an attempt here to construct something, a meme. A meme I recognize, because others have tried to create it too. I call it an attempt at a meme, rather than a proper meme, because it is so collapsible. Anybody who knows anything about it knows that it self-destructs.

To explain – I recall an article in some French paper, or something like that. Months ago, the headline, and that’s all I need to read, said something about ‘Gay Moslims’ – and how they were ‘mis-treated’.

So, let’s get clear on this, there are issues of terminology and propriety at stake.

1. A person, can, and may – be a Moslem.
2. A person, can, and may – be Gay.
3. A person cannot be both.

It’s like, for lack of a better example, saying you’re a White Negro.


It simply doesn’t work. You may be one, you may be the other. But twisting the religion beyond it’s intent, in fact, in contradiction to its express intent, and wanting to appropriate its name is simply not on.

The problem with people like that is not how they choose to live, they may live as they choose. They are not, however, free to represent themselves as part of a group which no longer condones them.

So, Showtime – this is the point.

You want to show porn on the damn Movie Channel? Fine. Do it.

Do not, however, push the ‘we’re with Arabia during Ramadan’ schtik, you’re going to piss off all the wrong people.

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    I realize it is pretty old post, but hey, man, what on earth are you talking about? Why would you watch SHowtime in ramadan? Why dont you just turnoff the tv and go do your prayers and shut-up. If you dont like something just shut the fuck up.
    I can’t even believe that you use nasty words when u are about to pray or fast. Obviously u are a dumb ass, who doesn’t know what he wants.

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