Cultural Dialogue, My Ass…

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Alright, for those not in the know, I live in Egypt. It is currently the month of Ramadan. All over what can be called Arabia, there are, among others, sincere people who are trying to use this time to get closer to the roots of their religion. Family gatherings are more common, and there is, at least, an attempt at piety. Showtime Arabia – or Big Ass Imported TV, has a modified logo – with a ‘Ramadan Karim‘ text attached to it. Showtime are interested in portraying, apparently, an appearance of mutability, and of cultural respect. So… How does that explain that, on Showtime, as I type out these words – at a time of night which in Ramadan approaches that of So7our. The last meal before the day before, the time of the intention of fasting – there are two naked lesbians on my TV screen? I mean, where’s the logic in that? Let’s be...

The Puppy Gets Groomed

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I was at a friend’s place lately, and we were both talking about … The World. Yes, we have those sort of conversations. We were wondering what it is that the world really needs. We were thinking that it must be ignorance that’s causing all this strife. That information is not flowing fast enough, and not to the right people. We were thinking that if everybody could speak to everybody then surely the wars would cease. Surely once everybody knew everybody else’s point of view, then understanding would take place. One Big Climatic Moment Of World Communication would invariably lead to that age of blissful peace. Surely, we thought, the Internet must be the solution. We need everybody in the world to have a PC and a ‘net connection. We need everybody to log on – we need the whole world to confront itself. American needs to talk to Afghani, perhaps less...

Alright – just testing this monster out : .

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And a monster it will be, have ye no doubt. Later, Meanwhile, do us both a favor, go to Please Read The Truth!

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