Like A Rolling Stone…

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I received an email yesterday informing me that the Rolling Stones are planning a concert in Israel, and asking me to include my name among people who are asking the Rolling Stones to boycott Israel; as various other artists and academics have. I replied to the email, included my information as requested, and then set up an online petition using the same text I was sent. Since, to my mind, that is probably a better way of collecting signatories. I then forwarded the web address of the petition to everybody on my contact list. In case you still don’t know where the petition is – it’s at http://www.petitiononline.com/suncity/petition.html At least one person replied to the effect that we are impotent in this matter, that we cannot ask the Rolling Stones to boycott Israel, and that the Rolling Stones, along with the rest of the West, simply don’t ‘give a...

Yawm El Ghadab

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Made this years ago for the track ‘Yawm El Ghadab’ from the Shabaka album. Enjoy. You can watch it at YouTube right here.

Stakka Bo? 1993? Well, yeah.

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I remember hearing this song ages ago – lately I downloaded it again, just for kicks – I’d missed the chorus. This time, I actually paid attention to the rest of the lyrics…well worth quoting in full: Here we go againHere we go go goTo the temple of consumptionGet your gear and start to spendHere we go go go with total dedication Here we go againHere we go go goTo the temple of consumptionGet your gear and start to spendHere we goHere we go Here we go As some sort of prototype I serve to be – you see tomorrow’s dream has never been part of me – consume today and leave the rest behind you – tomorrow’s a surprise party buy a ticket too faster livin’ faster live as fast as you’re able – eat the food while it’s still hot on the table – spend if you can the greens are burning in your pocket – if you...

Chinese Democracy : A Note To Fellow Axl Fans.

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I don’t know who you are – but thanks. I saw Gn’R in England – at Donnington – the Monsters of Rock festival back in 1988. I had been listening to Appetite for Destruction since early 1987. Before Gn’R – I just couldn’t listen to any band’s whole album. The occasional artist, here and there, now and then – would come up with something – often just one or two tracks at most, that I’d like. And I used to have tons and tons of compilation tapes that I’d made – to avoid listening to filler crap, and to avoid having to switch tapes 15 times an hour. Appetite changed all that. Unbelievably. Nobody got it. People looked at Gn’R – and looked at Axl – and unless they were fans, they just saw the hype. The clothes, the leather, the attitude, the ‘fuck this and fuck that’ image, and...

Axl Lives! Oh, Boy – Is He Back ;)

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Having resigned myself to being very, very, very, patient regarding the *cough* forthcoming release of the new Guns N’ Roses (Axl Rose & Co.) album – I haven’t been keeping up on the news. I just found out that a few tracks were … made available … online. And I’ve been listening. I’d heard a few before – from the live shows in 2002. Songs like “The Blues”, “Chinese Democracy”, etc…and although they sounded pretty good – they were live recordings, and the audio was kind of sucky. Admittedly, this didn’t stop me from listening to both tracks quite a few times. “SilkWorm” was also online, and suffered the most in a live setting. Sounded like it had to be done in a studio for anybody to make anything out of it. Fast-Forward to NOW. I’ve just heard ‘I.R.S.‘,...

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