By The Sword: Fact & Fiction…

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Interesting article about the Pope Mess by Uri Avnery, an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom. Read it here.

Trying To Keep My Cool…

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What the hell is wrong with The Australian? Or more precisely, Roger Boyes in Berlin? They publish an article with the hideous and false title of ‘Mozart Sacrificed To The Muslims‘, about the German Opera performance that’s been cancelled for worries about a specific scene. The title is significant when you consider that the scene in question is not part of the original Opera, and is an ‘addition’ created by the Opera’s director. The objectionable material has nothing whatsoever to do with Mozart. And so, along come Roger and The Australian with a title claiming that Mozart has been sacrificed to ‘The Muslims’. Notice that; not the objections of a specific Islamic body in Germany, no – the title simply says ‘The Muslims’… If you read the article, Roger does get around to mentioning that the scene occurs in the...

US Holds AP Photographer in Iraq…

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“The U.S. military in Iraq has imprisoned an Associated Pressphotographer for five months, accusing him of being a security threatbut never filing charges or permitting a public hearing…” Yup. Read more about it right here.

Bush Assassination : Watch The Film!

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“Set in October 2007, the 90-minute drama uses a mix of archive footage, computer generated imagery and documentary techniques to portray Bush’s assassination and America’s reaction to it. Death of a President, which will also headline the Toronto film festival, will be seen first in this country on sister channel More 4 before being repeated on the main channel.” Yup. Read the rest right here.

Media Warp 10

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I just had a flip through a few channels, and I committed upon myself the misfortune of choosing to watch some BBC. They had a short art documentary on, about Zionist artists, whom they spoke of as belonging to something called an ‘Israel’. In any case, and more to the point… First, they showcased a photographer who got off on photographing ‘homo-erotic’ half nude IDF soldiers in explicitly playful and non-combative situations. Then they interviewed a painter who said something to the effect that the WALL was useless, and another, who while speculating on the meaning of a painting depicting two men in an airplane said (my italics) “maybe they are two Jews going back to Europe.” They also talked to an artist who had moved to New York, and who, in a rather thick, quite un-newyorkian accent, claimed that she had been in NY so long it was now a...

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