Sultans and Scarves

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Three weeks ago, an Egyptian Muslim mother and wife, four months with child, was stabbed to death in Dresden, the civilian city bombed to the ground by the allies during World War II. She was stabbed in full view of her son and husband, and when her husband rushed to defend her, he himself was shot by the German police because they assumed him to be the attacker. Go figure. For the last three weeks, I’ve heard people say, and I’ve said it myself based on what I’ve seen – that the international media hasn’t found this story quite as interesting as that of The Death of Neda Sultan. I’ve now done the numbers: As of today, a search for Neda Sultan on Google, brings up about 1.14 Million results (I’m accounting for spelling variations by adding up the results for ‘Soltan’ and ‘Sultan’ – so this is the total of the two) for Neda. A similarly conducted search for Marwa Sherbini (with...

Ahmedinejad, The U.S., and The Iranian Elections

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It’s an easy enough lie to digest. Ahmedinejad is a nutcase. Look at him, he’s been wearing the same jacket for years, ever since we ever laid eyes on him. He’s unshaven, looks kind of gruffy. He exhudes an informal, almost clumsy air and doesn’t seem like much of an orator. He’s soft spoken enough to make a cynic disbelieve anything he says, and the claims that he’s still living in his old house and still driving his god-knows-how-old car all seem inherently ridiculous. And then, of course, it was his idea to hold a conference on the Holocaust in an attempt to weed out the truth from the myths involved, and naturally, it was he who everybody credits with wanting to wipe out his Zionist neighbors. It’s easy to paint Ahmedinejad as a “petty, cruel, and ignorant dictator” as he was described by his host, the President of Columbia...


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Sit down. Tune in, and grab a beer. See what you might otherwise miss. Give us 30 seconds – and with one blank frame every thirty – we’ll put you up into a deep hypno-idiotic state during which you’ll be up to 25 times more susceptible to The Creed.

Batman Falls Victim! The Joker Didn’t Do It – Morrison Did!

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I am sick of Grant Morrison. My exposure to comics has lessened over the years. I’ve been living in Egypt, so unless I download the occasional scan or buy the trade paperbacks from Amazon, I don’t get to read as much as I used to. Still, when I travel, I spend ridiculous sums of money on buying comics and catching up. Lately, I ‘caught’ up again, after traveling and spending far too much at a particular comics shop in Austria. First of all, I was SHOCKED by the ridiculous amount of titles written by Grant Morrison. I just didn’t get it. It was as though DC had given Morrison a monopoly on it’s titles. Half of the books in the shop were written by Morrison. I just don’t get it. How many books does this guy write/month? Also – he’s just not very good. He’s WAY too busy trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ and ‘controversial’ to even know what a good story is. I was lucky enough to run...

Foundations of A Broadcast-Based Financial Compensation Model for Digital Media

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As a listener – as audience – I am driven towards media that I like. I am infotropic, so to speak. Some data, some information, some inherent artistic or intellectual order manifests to me through songs, books, movies, and various other forms of media. Wanting this information is as basic to my spiritual/intellectual/cultural self as water is to my biological. In that sense, it feels like more than a want, it feels like a morally justifiable right. I want to pay for the stuff I like, in fact – proud to pay for it when it’s easy to, and when the compensation requested is within my budget. However, it seems that withholding the data, on condition of compensation is somehow contrary to the essence of information itself, to a moral imperative inherent in information – to the very fact that information seems to want to spread. It is self-reproducing. As a...

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