Just Because Trump is Wrong, Doesn’t Mean You’re Right.

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It’s true that Trump is an idiot who lacks all understanding of nuance, but it’s also true that in confronting him, many people also forego any understanding of nuance… Trump’s last press conference about Charlottesville was indeed disastrous, however, cliched as it may be, even a broken clock is right once in a while (twice a day to be precise…) Now…Trump is probably not wrong when he claims that some of the protesters at Charlottesville weren’t ‘bad’ or ‘violent’ people. I can understand that. It’s easy for me to imagine that some of the protesters were not, in fact, Neo-Nazis or White Supremacists. It’s easy to imagine that some (a few?) of them really were there because to them, the statue of Robert Lee matters, and they think there’s something there to be proud of, and they’re against...

Dunkirk: Tedious, False, and Over-Hyped.

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Nolan, it seems, can’t forget that Memento is what initially made him, and uses a time-shifting device that is both unnecessary to the drama and gimmicky to the point of tediousness. To make matters worse he deliberately dispenses with one word (“ago”) that might have made viewers enjoy the time-shift..

Our Faith in Humanity

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We talk about losing faith in humanity, because we see and do terrible things. But think of what that means. What are we comparing humanity to, in order to be disappointed? Are we comparing it to the rest of the animal kingdom? For those of us that do, humanity will almost always be morally wanting, although creatively fascinating. But what else are we referring to? We are not referring to another race, not from this planet or another one, we are not referring to benevolent all-powerful aliens that we know to be better creatures, and if so, why would we be using the word ‘humanity’? The words get conflated, the meaning behind the disappointment obscured, we use ‘human’ to mean ‘humane’ and we use humanity not to represent the sum total of the homo sapiens gene pool, which is, really, all we are – but to represent what we think we should be,...

Quick Review of The Square

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Please note that in writing this, I’m completely ignoring whether or not I know any of the people featured in, or involved in, The Square – Not that I’m really saying anything bad, just that my focus of attention is unguided by affiliation 🙂 There’re problems with The Square – some factual; some footage from April ’11 is shown for events happening in March ’11, and a SCAF-rule torture video is shown as Mubarak-era..etc.. Also, based on feedback from @Egyptocracy on Twitter, some scenes from The Square make no sense without contextual information which isn’t provided. I hadn’t noticed this myself  since I’m well aware of the context in which the events took place, and just saw what I knew. The example she provided was when Ahmed was washing his face with Coca-Cola. If you’ve been tear gassed in Egypt, you’d know...

Three Common Errors Made By Otherwise Intelligent Idealists

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There are 3 intellectual errors that intelligent and moral people regularly make. The first is to assume that others are bound by the same moral codes as you are. This is simply not true, and the entire history of humanity proves otherwise, and yet – many good people still cannot help but continue to make that assumption, because they find the alternative ‘unimaginable’ – well, you don’t have to imagine it, because it’s real. The second is to assume that anybody of intelligence would, by definition, also be moral. Again, this is completely false, and whereas your intellect might have positioned your moral positions, for others it is nothing more than a tool to achieve whatever their goals are, moral or otherwise – again – I won’t bother with historical examples, but the most cursory of historical overviews will confirm that this is...

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