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Just Because Trump is Wrong, Doesn’t Mean You’re Right.

It’s true that Trump is an idiot who lacks all understanding of nuance, but it’s also true that in confronting him, many people also forego any understanding of…

Dunkirk: Tedious, False, and Over-Hyped.

Nolan, it seems, can’t forget that Memento is what initially made him, and uses a time-shifting device that is both unnecessary to the drama and gimmicky to the point of tediousness. To make matters worse he deliberately dispenses with one word (“ago”) that might have made viewers enjoy the time-shift..

Our Faith in Humanity

We talk about losing faith in humanity, because we see and do terrible things. But think of what that means. What are we comparing humanity to, in order…

Quick Review of The Square

Please note that in writing this, I’m completely ignoring whether or not I know any of the people featured in, or involved in, The Square – Not that…

Three Common Errors Made By Otherwise Intelligent Idealists

There are 3 intellectual errors that intelligent and moral people regularly make. The first is to assume that others are bound by the same moral codes as you…

Bonfire of the Vanities

Shenanigans. We are witnessing shenanigans, tomfoolery, and much clownish ness. Also, a good deal of buffoonery, poppycock, and a wide whisk of whimsical witlessness all marked as balderdash….

Words of Advice

Sultans and Scarves

Three weeks ago, an Egyptian Muslim mother and wife, four months with child, was stabbed to death in Dresden, the civilian city bombed to the ground by the…

Ahmedinejad, The U.S., and The Iranian Elections

It’s an easy enough lie to digest. Ahmedinejad is a nutcase. Look at him, he’s been wearing the same jacket for years, ever since we ever laid eyes…


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