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Need a wallpaper with….expression? Here are some wallpapers I’ve made during the last year. Sadly, time has not dated them. First, here’s a wallpaper made from images in Joe Sacco’s Docu-Graphic Novel Palestine. It’s big, it’s red, and if you have any doubts about the role of violence in politics, will certainly put things into perspective for you. It’ll fix your day, lube your engine, and put you on the fast road to True Global Calamity™! IsraelStine Next up we have the ridiculously title ‘Freedom’! It’s a hand. It’s cut up into pieces. The word ‘Freedom’, as you can clearly see is mysteriously written inside the palm, as though the victim were clasping to it. There are drops of blood on and around the hand, indicating a potentially lethal injury. Behind you’ll notice what appears to be a copy of the...

Freedom : Or Thank God For The UN!

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Something I did yesterday. You can get a desktop wallpaper sized version from here. Enjoy.


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Well, since the picture upload option does work. I might as well subvert it to my apparently good intentions. Here you go. The full text, in case you can’t read it in the pic – is this: “…the cowardly, idle, spineless way in which American journalists are lobotomising their stories from the Middle East, how the “occupied territories” have become “disputed territories” in their reports, how Jewish “settlements” have been transformed inot Jewish “neighbourhoods”, how Arab militants are “terrorists” but Israeli militants only “fanatics” or “extremists”, how Ariel Sharon – the man held “peronsally responsible” by Israel’s own commissioner’s inquiry for the 1982 Sabra & Chatila massacre of 1,700 Palestinians – could be described in a report in...

Just A Wallpaper

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Yup. Just a wallpaper. I’d made for myself a while ago. Mixing Dali’s Jesus with the poster picture from ‘Vanishing Point’. Just trying out the image upload option.

Saw This Today : .

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“Frodo Has Failed! Bush Has The Ring!” Amen.

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