Bonfire of the Vanities


We are witnessing shenanigans, tomfoolery, and much clownish ness. Also, a good deal of buffoonery, poppycock, and a wide whisk of whimsical witlessness all marked as balderdash.

Getting the picture?

A fantastically bad movie was made. It may have been made so badly for nefarious purposes, or possibly by a creator who really is that bad, that stupid, and that impervious to both taste and reason.


And yes, Muslims are nuts – but so is everybody else on this planet who chooses to maintain unprovable beliefs. You are all…technically…insane.

I mean it; ask a Vulcan. He’ll fill you in.

Is it stupid to draw attention to a movie that you think is bad or insulting? No, of course not – on principle it is the only wise choice of action.

Is it useful to do so? No. Not at all. The Sex Pistols were made when their song ‘God Save The Queen’ was banned. Salman Rushdie, a horribly mediocre writer – was made when his Satanic Verses was banned.

If an insult or offense has not already reached critical mass – in terms of the public’s awareness of it – then it is most certainly unwise to help it reach thousands, millions, a billion viewers all around the world.

Forgive me when I grab you by the shoulder and whisper –

That’s stupid, mate.

There are things to consider:


When judging how strongly Muslim’s take offense to insults regarding Islam or Muhammed and even God when the word ‘Allah’ is involved – it is easy to forget a basic fact: the epithet ‘Sayidna‘ is used not only for Muhammed, but for Jesus and Moses as well. This is Muslims on the whole, do not insult Christianity or Judaism (Zionism is an entirely different matter and it’s unfortunate that less careful Arabs use the word ‘Jew’ when they intend to say ‘Zionist’ – to be noted is that once pointed out, they always accept the distinction). Muslims equally, never insult or make derogatory jokes regarding Jesus and Moses.

So, ironically, given the context, whereas Christians in the Western World have accepted that, in name of freedom and art, Jesus and Moses would be attacked, ridiculed, and turned into punch lines, Muslims never have.

So it may be Freedom of Speech, but it’s hardly fair play.

It’s not as if you can say ‘Don’t get so pissed off! Hell, make a bad movie about Jesus instead!’ – because – they simply won’t do that.


The reaction was totally over the top, starting from spreading the offending media, to breaking into an embassy and a consulate, and finally, today – murder; three or four dead.

It’s true that the US government (until proven otherwise) did not make the offending media, it’s even more certain that the US Ambassador to Libya did not author the media, nor direct it.

Yet, he lies dead.

It is absolutely naive to think that this is about a idiotic film.

As usual, it was a small trigger, a small reminder – another tiny straw by which to focus on The Amerikan Empire – and if anybody has forgotten why the Empire is So feared and reviled, they need only read all the ‘Why do they hate us so much?’ books and articles published post the Amerikan 9/11 (as opposed to the Chilean 9/11 in which Amerika killed Allende) – or just puruse Blum’s book ‘Rogue Nation’.


I’ve seen quite a bit of it. Here are some pointers:

No, this is not a plan to implement Emergency Law.

No, I don’t think it’s a plan to invade Libya, either.

No, I don’t think MB & US government planned the break-ins.

It was easy, because they realized this is stupid, but flammable.

They’re letting you vent.

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    Omar, I don’t necessarily agree with everything here, but I did find it very insightful. Yes, in principle, calling attention to misconduct is a wise course of action; however, allowing that misconduct to define the attention (as it seems to have done in this case) is quite foolish. This only empowers the offender. Indeed mate, very stupid. Another thing I feel I must take issue with is the idea that Muslims wouldn’t make a derogatory film about another religous figure. Under the current regimes this may be so, but let me ask you something: If religon (Islam) were not so interwoven into the fabric of governance in the Middle East, would this still be so? Now, maybe Im just a dumb, idealistic, American, but I’d like to think the answer would be no; you can’t take yourself so seriously, doing so will lead to health problems (high blood pressure, heart problems, hypertension, etc…etc…).
    would that there were more reasonable people in the world 🙂

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    Frau Devotchka

    Omar though I clearly understand and appreciate your logic, you must try to see it from Muslim protestors point of view too- they only want to send out the message that such hate speech will not be tolerated at all even if they are unknowingly making the video famous.

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