Blame The Brotherhood

There’s a storm brewing across Egypt.

The last scene of the first Act is coming to bear on us, and the actors are mostly in place, and the lines are getting drawn, sharper each day. There’s a storm brewing, and it’s a doozy.

On their part, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces henceforth know as ‘SCUM’ (Yes, I know it’s not an acronym, and no, I don’t care…) have got their Mubarak replacement puppet all propped up. Shafiq is own homegrown George W. Bush. He re-writes the very foundations of both semantics and syntax as he speaks, and he is equally dismissive of the great responsibility he claims to be fit to bear. Dutifuly, he is the ultimate anti-revolutionary; he is stupid, he stammers, all he can do is speak, and he speaks badly, he promises stability while around him, his own HQ’s are set to flame, and he is hounded by footwear.

Unfazed by all that, Shafiq continues; he promises to bring peace to the streets, a peace enforced by draconian measures, he promises a Non-Islamic Egypt, he is the beacon of the stock market, the crusher of dissent, the harvester of white taxi cab debt. He may not set you free, but hey, even men need bread.

Having, mostly, accepted the electoral path, the people find themselves with no recourse; it is either Shafiq or the Muslim Brotherhood, henceforth referred to as simply, ‘the Brotherhood’.

And Morsi, oh – Morsi.

Let us not make fun of Morsi, he is not his own man. Instead, let’s cut to the chase; Morsi is the MB.

Now, there are many of us, who were well aware, as early on as March 2011, that the military’s political strategy would be to set up the Brotherhood, blow them up into a horrifying bogey man, before the generals swept in to save the day! A plot that has the added bonus of making the Military play the part of forceful moderators, and that excuses the excesses of the regime by attempting to demonstrate that Egypt could not be ruled any other way, that the regime was right.

We knew that was the plan all along, but lo and behold – we are still shocked to see it in action, despite the fact that it has been happening in slow motion for the last year and a half.

The brotherhood ditched the revolutionaries in order to play politics, and this moral failing, this moral failing that had been justified by political expedience – will bring them to their knees, unless they do something about it, but the hour draws near, and their carriage has yet to find a horse.

Blaming the Brotherhood for the killing of martyrs, as Shafiq, or shall we say, SCUM – are attempting to do is a fantastically elegent stratagem. The revolutionaries, or rather, anybody who has been on the ground, will laugh it off, will dismiss it as the ravings of a clear mentally handicapped old man – but any who did so would be forgetting that this puppet has puppet-masters, and you can be sure that the power brokers in Amerika, as well as those in Israel – are more than willing to help SCUM achieve their goals, since SCUM, if anything, are team players.

So this is how it plays out;

SCUM give the Brotherhood some power, the Brotherhood being essentially creatures of the dark, don’t fare well in the light, and as their performance in Parliament has shown, their fruits are not yet ripe enough for the public’s pallette. So the people start to turn on the Brotherhood, it is important to realize that the Brotherhood are not innocent of the anger directed towards them; they have done nothing for the revolution, and more importantly, they have done nothing for the people, and to make matters worse, they have been behaving like rabid hyenas.

The Botherhood and the Revolution part paths; again – this is something not so much engineered by SCUM as predicted by them. The Brotherhood are about as convincing as a piece of chalk scraping, badly, across a blackboard – You Simply Want. Them. To. Stop.

They grate, and they betray, and they promise, and they deceive.

So they’re really setting themselves up quite well to be the perfect patsies.

SCUM have a LOT of murders on their hands; around 2,000 murders must be accounted for, people must be made to pay, in blood. There is a debt, and it must get paid. If there was any doubt about that, it was settled last week when SCUM saw how Egyptians reacted to the verdicts, not so much of Mubarak or Adly, but of their assistants, who were found innocent of any wrong doing.

The problem with the martyrs, is that their cause is supported by, literally, millions of committed citizens, who want the debt to be paid.

The debt must get paid, and what better to pay it with than with the Brotherhood?

It’s easy; get the people to hate the Brotherhood, blame the Brotherhood for the murder of martyrs, thus giving the people a patsy they can blame without having to go into armed conflict with the army, while also deflating the angry millions who are the actual engine of revolution. Now, you have the people’s backing to take back the power that you gave to the Brotherhood, dissolve parliament, try some of the Brotherhood for murdering protesters (it will be explained that they did this to provoke both sides against each other, the paternal regime, and the rash, irresponsible youth) – make the Brotherhood pay for the crimes of the regime.

So now, the Brotherhood is gone, and SCUM (through Shafiq) reign supreme, and the debt the people owe to the martyrs has been paid off, and the revolution has lost its engine, the Brotherhood is in tatters, and SCUM win.

It’s all falling into place, right now.

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  1. This was bound to happen as the people of Egypt did not rise against all the messing past year. Now SCAF thinks it can get away with anything, including blaming MB for infamous Camel Battle, releasing prisoners…

    First round of elections had barely 30% of turnout (the real turnout of all eligible voters not that registration scam). This means people of Egypt couldn’t care a less about democracy, or they are so smart they decided to boycott. Somehow I think the first mentioned is more probable.

    What is even more heartwrenching is to see all those liberal revolutionaries who actually vouch to boycott. Here is a kicker, if first round of elections was not boycotted and turn-out was around 30%, it means boycotting cannot work! That’s like having a hunger strike but not getting any media coverage, it’s just not achieving the publicity it seeks to gain.

    Joshua Landis pointed out in one of his articles about Syria to an interesting research which applies to Egypt just as well “According to a recent study, autocracies with a median population age of over 30 years old are most likely to transition to liberal democracies”, this could just mean it was never going to work in Egypt just yet, where median is around 24 years.

    Maybe decade from now, as the youth have matured. When there is one more generation which can counter the propaganda of State TV, then I hope the revolution can finally put the Mubarak’s orphans to retirement or jail.

    (This is re-post of my comment which is also in Egyptian Chronicles by Zeinobia)

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