Axl Lives! Oh, Boy – Is He Back ;)

Having resigned myself to being very, very, very, patient regarding the *cough* forthcoming release of the new Guns N’ Roses (Axl Rose & Co.) album – I haven’t been keeping up on the news. I just found out that a few tracks were … made available … online.

And I’ve been listening.

I’d heard a few before – from the live shows in 2002. Songs like “The Blues”, “Chinese Democracy”, etc…and although they sounded pretty good – they were live recordings, and the audio was kind of sucky. Admittedly, this didn’t stop me from listening to both tracks quite a few times. “SilkWorm” was also online, and suffered the most in a live setting. Sounded like it had to be done in a studio for anybody to make anything out of it.

Fast-Forward to NOW.

I’ve just heard ‘I.R.S.‘, ‘Catcher in the Rye‘, and ‘Better‘.

Of the first two ‘I.R.S.’ was my favorite – until I heard the 1st few seconds of ‘Better’ 😉

Axl is back.

Let me say this again, just in case anybody out there isn’t paying attention:

AXL is Back.

And I’ve got a stupid fucking grin on my face.

I know this is long overdue.

Way overdue.

We’ve all (if you haven’t then don’t consider yourself part of this particular ‘we’…move on to another post, or go to the Disney site, which no, I won’t link…) been waiting our asses off. Some of us might have even, in darkness and in need, put on a Velvet Revolver record to try to shrug off the shakes. For years, we’ve sat back and heard the Axl jokes, lashed back when we couldn’t take it, shrugged off the ignorant blabber when we were well enough to know better, and braced ourselves for a future yet to come.

The naysayers will abound, and you know what? Axl knows it. He knows there are people out there who’ve tried to turn him into a cartoon – a Howard Hughes of Rock.

I tell you this, true believers:

The moment you hear the first bit of ‘Better’, with Axl singing “no one ever told me when I was alone / they just thought I’d know better / better“- like it’s a fucking nursery rhyme. You’ll know exactly what it is that’s just happened.

And it just gets better and better.

Back, I tell you 🙂

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  1. Avatar


    wow I miss you

  2. Hey Omar, I haven’t heard better; I will have to check it out. Thanks for putting forth a counter opinion over at my blog. I really want to like the new G n’ R stuff – maybe I will find one that I do.

  3. To Anonymous:

    Are you are…?

  4. Avatar


    mildly obvious …

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