As If What We Do To Ourselves Wasn’t Bad Enough…

“Every year, millions of animals, including rabbits, raccoons, and foxes, are painfully caught in steel-jaw traps, where many will chew off their own feet in an attempt to escape. Some die of blood loss, while others succumb to infection or simply starve or freeze to death. Animals often languish for days before the trapper arrives to crush their chests or beat or stomp them to death. Farmed animals spend their short, miserable lives in filthy wire cages until they are killed by suffocation, neck-breaking, or genital or anal electrocution. Sometimes these methods only stun the animals, who end up being skinned alive.” – From

Do what you can.

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Fur Is Dead

Mankind? What’s so kind about man?

And fuck womankind too.

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    oh come on.
    you don’t have leather boots some where in the closet?
    Maybe wwaayyy n the back? Perhaps shoved up next to the rollerskates or the denim?
    What about meat?
    You eat that?

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    you eat meat?

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    whoops, commenting spun out of control. The question was meant to be asked only once. But I guess twice gives it a dramatic urgency…

  4. I find it hard to believe anybody can be stupid enough to actually not see the original point of the post.

    The issue is not whether or not I eat meat. Yes, I do eat meat – I feel guilty enough about that – but that’s another story for another day.

    The whole point of the post is the ridiculously unnecessary cruelty involved, the insane suffering that these animals have to go through.

    This is a simple point, and made quite clear by what I’ve chosen to italicize.

    As for eating meat, in Islam, for example, there are rules about HOW that is done. Never, under any condition, is the animal expected to suffer or be tortured. The blade has to be sharp, the death has to be quick, in fact – according to my knowledge, if the animal sees the blade – it can no longer be slaughtered.

    Confusing issues just to sound idiotic is pointless.

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    Does Islam say anything about belittling your blog readers? Is that outlined anywhere in the Koran?

  6. Not that I know of.

    That’s something I do for my own pleasure, but only when the reader in question has done most of it all on his/her own.

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    Let me see if I have this right – being that I’m stupid and all.

    You’d like to continue to eat and wear animals, but you’d like it better if they didn’t suffer so much first.

    What an inspiration. I will call PETA right now.

  8. Precisely.

    I’m glad I’ve helped you see the difference between utility and malice.

    Also – you seem to have acquired an ability to punctuate.

    Good to know I’m such a fantastic influence.

  9. Avatar


    I was comfortable with your comment until I came to the punctuation part.

    Your blog (and comments within it) are moderately well written. However, the grammar is certainly not flawless.

  10. This is just getting sillier and sillier. I’m considering this thread closed. Thank you very much, you’ve been…what was it? Ah, yes – moderately entertaining.

    Anonymity is cheap.


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