An Opportunity for Secularism

For a week or so now, we’ve endured a ridiculous plot-line, acted out throughout several countries of the Middle East, and it’s reached (past tense, I’m being an optimist…) a shameful peak with the murders in Libya. Even in Egypt, where protests have been less violent, it appears that at least one protester may have lost his life.

Over a movie trailer.

It’s silly on the one hand, and predictable on the other, and I’ve explained why in my previous post ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ – however, this ridiculous chain of events has had serious consequences:

The movie has succeeded in it’s main mission of defaming Islam, Muslims,  and Arabs by giving them an excuse to do so themselves. They leapt at the opportunity, and went well and truly berserk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with protesting a movie trailer with blog posts, tweets, peaceful demonstrations, etc – but at least address the guilty party. The guilty party is some idiot never-was hate-mongering producer and his crew – to the degree that they realized what they were involved in – also share varying degrees of guilt. The United States government – despite being guilty of all sorts of other crimes – did not (until proven otherwise) produce this movie, or fund it, or market it. The attack on the embassies would better have been justified as retaliation for U.S. policies regarding, say, Palestine, or…Iraq, or something that actually mattered…but no, it’s this movie trailer that you did not produce that we will hold you accountable for. We’re that stupid.

The Islamists have played it wrong at almost every turn. Starting with sharing the video, talking about it, spreading it, watching it, and going ape-shit over it, all the while not noticing how poorly made it was, and therefore not realizing that it was feeble, futile, and frivolous.

Those most eager to defend their religion have done it the most harm, and have done so in such a way that they cannot emerge unscathed. If you kill somebody because he insulted your religion, that doesn’t make you religious – it makes you a murderer.
But this pathetic, stupid, silly situation we find ourselves in is actually an enormous opportunity for those political parties not associated with the Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafist Nour party.Nobody’s confused about that.

Egyptians have seen relations with the U.S. deteriorate quite badly in a matter of days – and it hasn’t happened because we’re going to war with the Obamamites because of Jerusalem, for instance, no – it’s happened because of a movie trailer.

The Freedom & Justice Party – whom I’ll refer to as ‘the MB’ for short – has embarrassed itself tremendously by tweeting ‘politically correct’ messages in English, while continuing to feed the flames through it’s Arabic twitter account – everybody’s seen this –

This is a golden opportunity for the secularists and the leftists to unite in condemning the behavior of those who claim to defend religion, of those who try to monopolize religion, and by those who regularly exploit religion to serve their own purposes with little or no regard to the actual demands of the people. It is time for them to tell people that even the name ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is anathema to the country, since it implies that anybody who is not part of the Brotherhood is not a Muslim – a fact noticed by many Egyptians, and not kindly. It is time for the secularists and the leftists to bring reason to the table, and offer that as a governing principle, to expose the cheap exploitation shown by our Prime Minister when in the light of recent events he announces that the first class of the school year will be dedicated to the stories of Muhamed – neglecting the whole question of how much religion should be introduced in school and how, as well as completely ignoring the millions of Egyptians who are not Muslim…but hey! Given what’s going on, Dr. Kandil feels he can get away with it, and so far he has.

This embarrassing mess has one very bright side, it can be leveraged against the Islamist parties from now on and until the parliamentary elections – but the secularist and leftists need to move.

42 is the answer.

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  1. This is an attempt to start doing what you are suggesting. Please support it

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