A Zionist Is A Racist By Any Other Name…

Please read this very important article by Virginia Tilley, she argues the case for an international boycott of Israel. More importantly, she discusses how the international community might go about implementing it.

She compares the Israeli position to that of the apartheid regime in South Africa and suggests that nothing short of the same international pressure could cause any real change to the policies of Zionism.

Here’s an eye-opening excerpt:

“It is the “demographic threat,” not security (Mr. Olmert has clarified), that requires the dreadful Wall to separate Arab and Jewish communities, now juxtaposed in a fragmented landscape, who might otherwise mingle.

“Demographic threat” is the most disgustingly racist phrase still openly deployed in international parlance. It has been mysteriously tolerated by a perplexed international community. But it can be tolerated no longer. Zionist fear of the demographic threat launched the expulsion of the indigenous Arab population in 1948 and 1967, created and perpetuates Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, inspires its terrible human rights abuses against Palestinians, spins into regional unrest like the 1982 attack on Lebanon…”

Read the whole article at Counterpunch.

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    Several thoughts on the matter On Miss Tilley’s work:

    1)She seems to equate Zionism with racism, this is a popular mistake I found in several places.Zionism isn’t more racist than any national movement, it doesn’t state Arabs,Zulu,Germans or any other people are inferior to Jews, its premises can be summed up as “The Jewish people should have a state in order that they be able to protect themselves from persecution.I believe that the Palestinians have a right to their own state by Israel, I believe that some actions and policies of my goverment are wrong and should be changed, I believe that we can live in peace side by side.I’m a Zionist.(and an Israeli, if you didn’t get it yet;)

    2)What 1967 “myth”?Show me sources please, and then I may be wiser.To the best of my knowledge the Arab people attacked the jewish settlement during 1948, although the facts of that *are* foggy and disputable, so I leave it aside.1967, to the best of my knowledge, was a classic pre-emptive strike- the Arab states around us(and especially Egypt) were calling for destruction of Israel and amassing troops on the border, and then Nasser closed the Tiran Narrows, which prompted the whole business.

    3)As to the return of the refugees- that’s something which is practically impossible, both from the inner political perspective and the practical perspective.Since the political problems are known(there is a strong concensus against it, even among left-wing Israelies) I’ll mention the practical one:Those places, for the most part, do not exist anymore- they have to come to closure and understand we’re not returning *there* let’s build ourselves good lives *here*.That said, I support a monetary renumeration of some kind, both as an acknowledgement of responsibility and as a way to help them build life.

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