It’s Right Around The Corner

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You’re impatient. All you have to do is wait. Everything takes time. Give the man a chance.  This has been the chorus, and it arose within months after El Sisi came to office. It’s still there, spoken once in a while by the loyalists, as it was previously played on and on by those who believed the regime would work things out to their interests, one way or another. Those that believed they’d be better off. Not many in Egypt are better off. Everybody is struggling to make ends meet, those who had been eking a fair life before now find themselves with their backs against the wall. Inflation and a devaluation of the pound have resulted in private schools that charge more per student for one semester than a man making minimum wage could earn in 14 years. Instead of employees seeing their wages rise to make up for this, many of them have, in fact, just lost their jobs. The...

Just Because Trump is Wrong, Doesn’t Mean You’re Right.

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It’s true that Trump is an idiot who lacks all understanding of nuance, but it’s also true that in confronting him, many people also forego any understanding of nuance… Trump’s last press conference about Charlottesville was indeed disastrous, however, cliched as it may be, even a broken clock is right once in a while (twice a day to be precise…) Now…Trump is probably not wrong when he claims that some of the protesters at Charlottesville weren’t ‘bad’ or ‘violent’ people. I can understand that. It’s easy for me to imagine that some of the protesters were not, in fact, Neo-Nazis or White Supremacists. It’s easy to imagine that some (a few?) of them really were there because to them, the statue of Robert Lee matters, and they think there’s something there to be proud of, and they’re against...

Dunkirk: Tedious, False, and Over-Hyped.

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Nolan, it seems, can’t forget that Memento is what initially made him, and uses a time-shifting device that is both unnecessary to the drama and gimmicky to the point of tediousness. To make matters worse he deliberately dispenses with one word (“ago”) that might have made viewers enjoy the time-shift..

Goodbye Mohamed Mahmoud…

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The battle of Mohamed Mahmoud, as it is called, was one of the most important battles of the January revolution, and for several reasons – We had failed, as a people and as a revolutionary community, to defeat the military/Islamist alliance over the March referendum, a referendum that both the state and the media presented as an option between “a roadmap” or “unknown chaos”. It was based on this referendum that the forces of so-called ‘political Islam’ defined very clearly their position in relation to the revolution, by abandoning it completely, and it became clear to any who still doubted it that the Muslim Brotherhood was not an enemy of the regime, but a rival… And along came Mohamed Mahmoud, and within days, hundreds, or rather thousands of people were wounded, and dozens were killed. Men, women, Egyptians. Mohamed Mahmoud is dear to...

Cycles of Terror

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I’ve said before that “If you want to find the truth, assume that everybody is lying, but if you want to solve a problem, assume that everybody is telling the truth.” Today, I find this relevant. We have what appears to be a recurring pattern. A terrorist attack takes place, whether it’s on the WTC in New York, or (with much lesser casualties) at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, and the reactions have, by now, become fairly predictable; the world condemns the murder of innocent civilians, the attacks are labelled Islamic Terrorism, the Muslim world at large, for fear of being lumped in with terrorists are quick to condemn the attacks and the attackers in the harshest ways possible, making it clear that no such attacks on innocent lives can be considered Islamic at all, that Islam is a religion of love & peace like Christianity, the Western world gets...

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